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If you are selected after the initial assessment,  you will be assigned to a project on a provisional basis. On satisfying all the needed requirement and certified fit, you will be confirmed as a full member.


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We pride ourselves in having a grounded community of millennials and generation-z that are Mining and Mineral enthusiasts.  

We are open to onboarding more people who believe in our vision and mission.  

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The list below gives a snapshot of the benefit each AfriMine volunteer stands to gain.

  • Priority access to the AfriMine community
  • Opportunity to be a part of global impact projects
  • Access to our collaborating organizations and companies
  • Opportunity to international collaborations
  • Premium publication access on all our media outlets
  • Certificate for every volunteering year
Where it all began

Let’s help together

AfriMine started as a blog with a goal to educate the general masses about the beauty within the mining industry with a focus on Africa.

It has evolved into an incorporated non-profit organization whose vision is to raise an enviable army of next-generation Mineral professionals.

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